tablesort a small & simple sorting component for tables. Written in JavaScript and dependency free.

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3 Bert 10/11/1969 Broccoli $0.79 18.0.1284.49 134 B
4 Cookie Monster 1/09/1966 Oreo cookies $2.78 3.0.0 4.13 TiB
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A small & simple sorting component for tables written in JavaScript

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Quick start

Download the ZIP of this repository or install via command line:

npm i tablesort 
# Or if you're using Yarn 
yarn add tablesort 
<script src='tablesort.min.js'></script>

<!-- Include sort types you need -->
<script src='tablesort.number.js'></script>
<script src=''></script>

  new Tablesort(document.getElementById('table-id'));

See usage and demos for more

Browser Support

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8+ ✔ 3.6+ ✔ 10+ ✔ 11.50+ ✔ 5.1+ ✔


// npm install tablesort
var tablesort = require('tablesort');

tablesort(el, options);

Default CSS

Add the styling from tablesort.css file to your CSS or roll with your own.

Extending Tablesort

If you require a sort operation that does not exist in the sorts directory, you can add your own.

Tablesort.extend('name', function(item) {

  // Regular expression to test against.
  // `item` is a table value to evaluate.
  return /foo/.test(item);
}, function(a, b) {

  // Custom sort functionality goes here.
  // e.g var n = (a > b) ? -1 : 1;
  return n;

If you’ve made an extend function that others would benefit from pull requests are gladly accepted!


Dependencies: Node.js 16 or 18; npm 8.

Tablesort relies on Grunt as its build tool. Simply run npm run build to package code from any contributions you make to src/tablesort.js before submitting pull requests.

Tests are run via:

npm ci && npm t




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