tablesort a small & simple sorting component for tables. Written in Javascript and dependency free.

# Name Birthday Grocery item Price Version Filesize
1 Gonzo the Great 12-2-70 Radishes $0.63 31.0.1650.57 124k
2 Ernie 10/11/69 Fish $12.09 11.0.1 134.56 GB
3 Bert 10/11/1969 Broccoli $0.79 18.0.1284.49 134 B
4 Cookie Monster 1/09/1966 Oreo cookies $2.78 3.0.0 4.13 TiB
5 Kermit 12-05-1955 Granola $4.73 3.0.9 12 YB
6 Sam the Eagle 04/07/75 Corn dog $5.50 3.1.2 19.4 K
Download the minified script

Basic usage

<script src='tablesort.min.js'></script>

  new Tablesort(document.getElementById('table-id'));

Sort Types

  • strings
  • numbers
  • currency
  • Basic dates in dd/mm/yy or dd-mm-yy format. Years can be 4 digits. Days and Months can be 1 or 2 digits.
  • Dot separated values. E.g. IP addresses or version numbers.
  • Filesizes. E.g. "5.35 K", "10 MB", "12.45 GB", "4.67 TiB"

Additional options


You can pass an alternate sort order as a second parameter. By default sort is ascending. To change this, set:

new Tablesort(document.getElementById('table-id'), {
  descending: true

Note: If you are using the default CSS provided you'll need to reverse the class names that style the arrows.

Exclude columns or rows

For columns or rows that do not require sorting, you can add a class of no-sort to a columns th or a tr element.
<th class='no-sort'>Name</th>

<tr class='no-sort'>
  <td>Gonzo the Great</td>

Override data that is sorted on

Sometimes text inside cells is not normalized. Using a `data-sort` attribute you can use optional data to sort on.

  <td data-sort='1357656438'>01/08/13 @ 8:47:18am EST</td>
  <td data-sort='1078673085'>3/7/2004 @ 9:24:45 EST</td>

Refresh sort on appended data

Tablesort supports sorting when new data has been added. Simply call the refresh method.

var table = document.getElementById('table-id');
var sort = new Tablesort(table);

// Make some Ajax request to fetch new data and on success:
Name Born
Roy Eldridge 1911
Tim Hagans 1954
Freddie Hubbard 1938
Append a row Remove a row

Default sort on tablesort initialization

It is possible to automatically sort the table once you create a Tablesort instance by adding sort-default class.

<th class='sort-default'>Born</th>
Name Born
Roy Eldridge 1911
Tim Hagans 1954
Freddie Hubbard 1938

Default style

Add the styling below to your CSS or roll with your own.

th.sort-header::-moz-selection { background:transparent; }
th.sort-header::selection      { background:transparent; }
th.sort-header { cursor:pointer; }
table th.sort-header:after {
  border-width:0 4px 4px;
  border-color:#404040 transparent;
table th.sort-header:hover:after {
table th.sort-up:after,
table th.sort-down:after,
table th.sort-down:hover:after {
table th.sort-up:after {
  border-width:4px 4px 0;




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